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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Infinity Headband?
An Infinity Headband is a headband with removable covers that allow you to switch (change) colors and styles. You can also slide assorted embellishments onto the headband covers to enhance your look. To see how to use an Infinity Headband, Click Here. 

How does it work?
Each headband cover snugly fits on the Infinity Headband via Velcro hook and loop. The Velcro sits inside of a recessed channel down the center of the headband. This ensures that the cover lies flush and no Velcro is exposed. To see an Infinity Headband in use, Click Here. 

Are there various sizes?
One size fits all, however the pliable resin we use will conform to the shape of the users head after a wearing or two.

Is it comfortable?
Yes! The proprietary resin used to produce the Infinity Headband is soft enough to conform to the shape of the head. Additionally there are no hard edges – only smooth edges and there are no teeth at the ends of the headband where people  typically feel pressure points. We’ve been told our headband is the most comfortable on the market.

Are they washable?
The Infinity Headband can be washed with simple soap and water.
Classic Headband Covers can be machine washed with light colors and laid flat to dry

Can I buy multiple styles?
Absolutely! The fun of an Infinity Headband is mixing & matching and creating your own style. You only need one headband – but the more the merrier with covers and embellishments.

Do you have elastic headbands?
The Chic Boutique Collection can be worn with adjustable Infinity Elastic, or on the Infinity Headband.

What makes Infinity Headbands special?
Infinity Headbands are special because they are beautiful, versatile and space saving. No more tangled drawers of headbands. To learn more, Click Here. 

Can I wear the embellishments without a headband?
Yes. All of our embellishments have a patented slide attached and can be worn with an Infinity Hair Tie to create a fashion ponytail.