5 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home

5 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home

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Let's face it...summer is over and that means most of us are back to a much more intense schedule. That also means there is no better time to make yourself a priority. We all know "you can't pour from an empty cup", so take a moment to discover/rediscover ways to "fill your cup"! 

I love a good spa day, I must admit! But relaxing and unwinding doesn't have to be expensive or inconvenient.

Give these a try:

1) Read in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Who doesn't like to curl up with a good book or a stack of magazines? But, seriously, it's all about the space! If you create a relaxing atmosphere, it goes a long way in making you feel no guilt in taking time to read (and neglect any "to-do" list!) I always like to start with fresh flowers - there's something so refreshing and delightful about a beautiful bouquet sitting in plain sight. 

Next, light a candle with an intoxicating aroma.  The Inspire Candle, gets rave reviews and I guarantee you will LOVE  the scent (not to mention you are helping to give back to U.S. Military families that have lost a loved one).

2) Take a Luxurious Bath  

Yep! I'm talking about the kind of bath that will make you forget you are at home (and not in a spa 😢 ). Light some candles for ambiance and make sure at least one candle has a scent that relaxes and inspires you.  Turn off the lights and turn on some tunes...soothing jazz or spa music can certainly help set the mood, but I often like to simply listen to my favorite playlist.

Indulge yourself with bubbles or a fizzy bath bomb for the ultimate relaxation! Want to take spoiling yourself to a new level?  Buff your body while moisturizing and making your skin silky soft with a Spongelle. And of course, feel free to add a glass of wine or bubbly 🍷🍾

3) Treat Your Skin & Hair 

This is a simple and often overlooked way to pamper yourself. You can find all kinds of face masks for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee! Moisturizing, Detoxifying, Smoothing, Clarifying, Repairing...you name it! Just having a mask on your face keeps you somewhat quarantined ;) One of my favorites is the Charcoal Rose Water face mask that I picked up at TJMAXX.

And while you're at it, put a deep conditioning treatment or "hair mask" on your lovely locks. Double the pampering!  Heck, why not combine it with suggestion #1 for a total mind, body & soul experience! 

4) Binge Watch Your Favorite Show

This is simple. Pop some popcorn, pour your favorite beverage, grab a cozy blanket and get comfy. Nothing says relax and pamper like losing yourself in mindless television 🤔

5) Practice Yoga / Deep Stretching

You don't have to belong to an expensive gym or yoga studio to do yoga. There are tons of great (and free) yoga videos on YouTube.

Plus, you can add your own aromatherapy! Grab your favorite essential oil at TJ Maxx, Target, or practically any similar store for less than $5. If you don't have a diffuser to make your "yoga studio" smell amazing, just put a dab of oil on your temple area or on either side of your jawline.



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