In It Together

 Women working together

When women work together, great things happen!



Nobody ever said starting a business is easy, but it’s part of the American Dream. It’s exciting and inspiring to see small businesses succeed (especially if they are women-owned)!

We feel fortunate to have built a business around a single, unique product line – one with a wonderful, loyal customer base.

A wise friend once said:

“ Sometimes good things must come to an end so that great things can happen”.

We took that to heart!

Inspired Elements Co. emerged from our desire to bring about something positive – not only for our loyal customers but also for all the small women-owned businesses whose goal it is to inspire. Inspired Elements Co. vows to seek out amazing and affordable high-quality products that will inspire you with the stories behind the company, the philanthropic element, the uniqueness of the product or all of the above.

Our mission is to create a place where women can shop and feel good about their purchase. We will be successful when you love the products we bring to you, are inspired by great stories and feel good about making a difference!