Let's Face It...Face Masks are Here to Stay (for the foreseeable future)

Let's Face It...Face Masks are Here to Stay (for the foreseeable future)

When I first met Lisa Patel, I couldn't help but be envious of her gorgeous mane of hair and beautiful long eyelashes. But as I got to know her and learned about her journey of persistence and ingenuity, I knew she was a woman with a vision that I wanted to help promote.

Up until March 2020 - when all of our lives forever changed, Lisa was enjoying a great career in marketing and event planning. COVID-19 suddenly left her unemployed and searching tirelessly for some form of work and income stream. Experiencing her own economic hardships, she still recognized that there were so many in the local community that were struggling too, especially in the hospitality industry.

Lucky for her, she had developed expert sewing skills three years earlier, when a back injury left her unable to walk for nearly a month. When she had to sew her own face mask just to be allowed in the lobby of her condominium building, she realized her mask was much better quality and way more stylish than any face-covering she had seen. Yes, that was her "ah-ha moment"!

Word of Lisa's perfectly shaped, comfortable face masks spread quickly and she started getting custom orders. The adjustable ear straps not only made the masks super comfortable but also made them unique and better than most of the personal protective equipment available at the time. Add to that, the ability to personally customize masks with company logos and she suddenly had a booming business.

Lisa didn't stop there. Her sense of style and fashion made her want to create something that made women feel pretty. I mean, we are covering most of our faces, why not make the face-covering beautiful?! Right? Add a little bling to these face masks and you've got a stunning new fashion accessory...some pizazz to a boring outfit, or perhaps just the right amount of sparkle to accent a "night out" outfit.


Black lace fancy face mask for women

Snakeskin face mask with adjustable ear straps

But, don't think this is just another beautiful face mask. These masks "made with care" are hand-sewn in the USA by women. Supporting small women-owned businesses makes us all feel good!


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