Not Your Mama's Hat

Not Your Mama's Hat

4 Ways to Style My Favorite Accessory- Hat Bands!

Now I know we all love a good floppy hat. Whether you’re at the beach or a music festival, these hats are essential for keeping the sun out of your face and staying cool. Problem is- they all kind of look the same. There are slight variations here and there- but mostly they all come in the same shade of boring beige. How can you add your own flair to such a staple piece in your wardrobe?

The answer? Hat Bands! Hat bands, by  Inspired Elements, are a unique, revolutionary accessory that will take your favorite hat from basic to banging in under five minutes. Each band is hand-beaded to ensure the quality is superb. They’re also interchangeable, meaning they’ll work with every hat under the sun!

Crystal Beaded Hatband

Hat bands are so versatile, there’s always a reason to rock them. They’re not only a great addition to your hat collection, but can also be worn alone as a headband or even a choker!

Gold beaded hatband

Whether you’re at a concert or getting ready for a date, there’s always a reason to rock a hat band. Check out these four ways I’ve styled two different hat bands. For this style guide, I’ll be working with the  Kate and the  Molli hat bands.


At the tennis court...

Silver Beaded Twist Hatband for Ball Cap

Hat bands aren’t exclusive to your day-to-day outfits! You can spice up any workout outfit by adding a hat band to your baseball hat. For this look, I’ve paired the  Kate Hat Band with a distressed navy blue hat and a matching athletic shirt. Stand out on the court or in the gym with this hand-beaded hat band!

At the pool or beach….

Molli Beaded Hatband for a Beach Hat

Grab a margarita and your favorite bikini, ladies! The  Molli hat band is the perfect accessory for a day at the beach. Here I’ve paired the hat band with a tan floppy hat, pink cover-up (this color pairs well with the hat band and makes the colors pop!), and gold bangle bracelets.

At date night...

Silver Beaded Headband for Date Night

Despite being named hat bands, these bad boys are not just exclusive to hats, they also can be worn as headbands! The  Kate hat band is the perfect accessory to a concert or date night. For this look, I’ve styled the hat band with a gold sparkly sweater. I think this may be my favorite look, solely because of how shiny it is! You’re guaranteed to be the center of attention in the Kate hat band!

At school or work...

Molli Beaded Choker

Did you know hat bands can also be worn as necklaces/chokers? They’re built with adjustable straps, which can easily be removed. We used a paper clip to secure both the ends together and voila! You have an adorable choker! We styled the  Molli hat band with a pink top and diamond cross necklace.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling hat bands. With a little creativity, there’s no look you can’t achieve with these accessories. How do you style your hatbands?

Check out the entire collection of  hat bands here!
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