January 17, 2019

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed annually on January 11 but awareness of this horrible global epidemic is promoted throughout the month of January. And since most Americans, likely don't even realize how prevalent Human Trafficking is within our own borders, we at Inspired Elements Co. hope to bring some awareness.
Human Trafficking is all around us. It's modern-day slavery plainly said! While some people think Human Trafficking only relates to forced and/or coerced sexual acts, it is not limited to that. Human Trafficking involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain any type of labor or commercial sex act. In almost every case the victims of trafficking are lied to or deceived in some way or another. Sometimes they are physically forced or assaulted - but usually, there is some sort of threat or manipulation used to make the victim feel helpless. They may be afraid for their safety (or the safety of their family) or they may just lack the basic necessities to get out of the situation.
It's nothing more than stripping away a person's freedom - for profit.
  • Sadly, it has become a 100 billion dollar business.
  • It is the fastest growing business of organized crime.
  • It is the third largest criminal enterprise in the world.

As consumers, we need to be more aware of where and how our goods are produced. Thanks to many organizations like Better Cotton Initiative, Good Weave Label, Child Labor Free and FAIRTRADE many consumer goods can get certification and labels that guarantee no child labor or forced labor was used in any channel of the production process.
Additionally, we can purchase products that give back to organizations fighting Human Trafficking - like Polaris Project.
Polaris Project, founded in February 2002 is focused on analyzing and dismantling networks that buy and sell human beings. When you give back to Polaris Project, you are joining the fight to stop violence against women and children.
Our newest jewelry line - handmade with purpose, gives 10% back to Polaris Project. So in addition to being beautifully handmade by a young woman entrepreneur, each piece makes a difference!

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