In 2013 my sister and I created Infinity Headbands. As we grew and became more confident in running our business, we realized our favorite thing about being a business owner was connecting with amazing women: our customers, friends, and other female entrepreneurs. Just as our business was reaching it’s prime we were dealt a devastating blow and had to dissolve our company.

Not wanting to give up we thought long and hard about how we could continue our journey and at the same time keep connecting with other female entrepreneurs.

We became INSPIRED…let’s connect with other women!

The idea of Inspired Elements Co. began to emerge.


Soon after, while shopping a holiday market, I purchased a super-cool product from a super-cool woman. I was amazed by the product and felt a true need to share my “find’ with friends.

That’s when we knew this had to be one of the cornerstones of Inspired Elements Co. (I’ll admit, I wasn’t being totally self-less when we created Inspired Elements Co. Fact is, I am re-charged by discovering new products and connecting with fabulous women. I needed this in my life! )


We became INSPIRED…let’s search, discover and share products that amaze us!


Inspired Elements Co. was created with a mission to promote the small female-owned businesses that have a compelling story, an inspiring philanthropic element or just have an amazing product you "shouldn't live without". Through the years of owning our business, we have learned what it takes to be successful and we are committed to shining light on other brands who share our vision.


P.S. Owning a business isn’t all butterflies and pizza. The financial and time challenges don’t go away just because you have passion. But the passion keeps you going; it kept me learning and growing. I truly don’t have a techy bone in my body, but passion drove me as I put in countless hours learning how to build a website. My sister is not a marketing genius, but passion drove her to create email blasts and promotional messaging.

Our biggest takeaway from all of this:
Step out of your comfort zone – do things you don’t think you are capable of.
You’ll be amazed at what passion can carry you through!


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