It's Okay to Admit You Are a Plant Killer

It's Okay to Admit You Are a Plant Killer

Let's be honest. There are people who can keep plants alive (affectionately known as Green Thumbs) and those of us that can't (not so affectionately called Plant Killers) There really shouldn't be so much shame in that. It's just the way it is...and I, for one, have come to accept it.

We recently downsized...basically, cut our living space in half. Moving from a large house with a big yard to a high-rise condominium with a couple of balconies is exhilarating if you are tired of high maintenance. You bet! Sign me up for "simplifying" life!

My very first guest brought me a beautiful Peace Lily Plant. The problem was that it was LIVE ūüėĪ! As I thanked her for her very sweet gesture, you could sense the moment of awkwardness building when my husband said "Oh my gosh Ashley, doesn't she know you can't keep a plant alive?!" and my 22 yr-old son blurted out "Who wants to bet on the over/under how long this poor plant¬†has to live?"

I took that as a challenge and I was determined to keep that plant alive! Which I did...for about 7 months (take THAT for your over/under, Brandon!!)  But in all honesty, it didn't always look great during that period. There were times when I would cut around the brown edges or even trim whole leaves off just to make it look like a healthy, thriving plant. Some people say you are supposed to do that - it's called pruning (likely the same people that kept telling me how easy it was to take care of a Peace Lily!)  But to me, it just looked like the plant was shrinking.  Bottom line, it reached a point where it was too pathetic to keep in my beautiful new home.

Other thoughtful guests brought Orchids. I've killed 3 of those.

Yep - my name is Ashley and I'm a Plant Killer.

Enter Paula, a woman I met who lives several floors above us, who happens to own her own business creating gorgeous artificial plant arrangements. YES!!  I could hardly contain my excitement as she transformed my balconies from drab to fab.

Artificial plants transform a patio

Plus, she is funny and nice and all the things you would want in a new friend. I had pretty much hit the jackpot :)

Turns out, in addition to customizing outdoor living space with high-quality artificial flowers and plants, she also likes creating with faux succulents. These beautiful succulent arrangements are so good in quality, I could not even tell they were fake! Finally, I had a solution!

Imagine...a plant arrangement that looks so natural that nobody knows it's not real! Now I could have all the beauty of real plants without the shame and guilt of being a plant killer. 

I happily added color and life to the new decor in several rooms with these amazing Faux Succulent Arrangements   But, why I really love my new plants...

~  Never needs watering

~ Never drops petals or leaves

~ Never dies!

 *pretty cool when you are trying to simplify life

faux succulent arrangements, fake plants in cube pot

I thought it only right, that I share my great find with my friends and inspired insiders. Trust me when I tell you that these are heavy, durable, high-end plants. (Think "Disney-like" vs. local home goods/craft store) 

P.S. I suggest you bet the OVER because my plants will live forever! ūüėČ

If you are interested in having custom work done for your outdoor space, visit Paula's website at


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