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What Cancer Cannot Do- Cuff Bracelet

What Cancer Cannot Do- Cuff Bracelet

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This beautiful 1" cuff makes the perfect statement for anyone fighting cancer or anyone battling the disease with a family member or friend. The uplifting and powerful words bring hope to those who wear it and is a reminder of the power of positive thinking.


  • Each brushed finishedCuff is made of aluminum which is hypo allergenic, won't tarnish, and is lightweight. and given a . and measures 1" x 6" with a 1" opening and is HAND MOLDED to shape, so it will not be a "perfect" circle, but it is adjustable by squeezing it open and closed.
  • It comes hand stamped in the fonts shown to say: WHAT CANCER CANNOT DO

  • Corrode Faith, Invade the Soul, Shatter Hope, Conquer the Spirit, Destroy Peace, Cripple Love, Suppress Memories, Steal Eternal Life, Kill Friendships, Silence Courage.


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