Binka helping rescue dogs


We are filled with JOY to be working with a company that supports animal rescue.  As owners of a few rescues ourselves, we firmly believe that every dog deserves to be loved and have a family of her own.  

BINKA is a brand inspired by giving back. Their mission is to support dog rescue and encourage people to adopt rather than shop for their pets. 10% of net sales are donated to local animal rescue groups and shelters near their partner retailers worldwide. 

The Binka style is comfortable and simple with symbolic imprints meant to inspire the do good - feel good in all of us and to always give love.

Binka is commited to social responsibilityand works with manufacturers that provide a responsible workplace and environmental standards. 

As a small business, they believe in supporting other local, small businesses, commissioning local artists and finishing their wears at a local print house in Palm Beach County, FL.


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