6 Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Pet

6 Great Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Pet

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There are a lot of great reasons to adopt a pet rather than purchase from a pet store. 

Number #1 Reason - SAVE A LIFE!

More than 6 million pets enter animal shelters every year. At least 1.5 million of these will be euthanized. The number of euthanized pets gets dramatically reduced when you adopt a rescue. You save a life and also make room for another pet to enter the shelter and hopefully find his forever home :) 

2) Easier on Your Budget

Not only is the cost of adoption significantly less than a pet store or breeder, but the majority of time many medical costs like vaccination, microchipping, and spaying/neutering are included in the adoption fee.

3) Choose Your Friend

When you adopt from a shelter you get to "shop" around from a variety of breeds and find the pet that fits your personality the best- or maybe he just shows you the most LOVE. That's when you know it's the ONE!

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4) Avoid the Mess

Most of the animals in the shelters are already trained - and I'm talking about house trained. Think of the carpet and rugs that won't get soiled and stained. Think of the furniture and shoes that won't get chewed up. This is a huge bonus!

5) Don't Support Puppy Mills

When you buy a pet from a pet store, you are supporting puppy mills. Puppy mills treat animals with such cruelty - keeping them in cramped, filthy conditions all day and often going without any proper veterinary care. They get no socialization. And worst yet, when female dogs can't produce anymore they are killed.

6) It Feels Good 

You will change the life of this homeless animal and gain a new best friend.  What's not to feel good about?

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Inspired Elements Co. feels very strongly about supporting animal rescue (both, with our own adopted pets and promoting adoption). That's why we have partnered with Binka Give Love. Check out their mission and their awesome products.

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